Turkey's Wine Regions:


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12 different brands’ factories are based in these regions. City of Tekirdağ and the nearby areas are important viniculture and winery regions. The shore between central Tekirdağ and Şarköy and vineyards in Uçmakdere, Mürefte and Çınarlı between Gelibolu and Saroz have great importance of production. There are viniculture and production activites in 22 villages of 27 only in Şarköy. Major producers have production facilities in these regions. Producers of Doluca, Gülor, Kutman, Bağcı, Latif Aral in Mürefte-Şarköy, Melen, Umurbey in Tekirdağ, Talay, Corvus, Çamlıbağ and Ataol in Bozcaada, Sezer in Avşa Island, Bortaçina in Marmara Island.

 Papazkarası: Grape type grown in Tekirdağ and Edirne for red wine production. Wines produced by Papazkarası are with red color, fruity, fresh, elegant and low-bodied structure.

Karasakız: Bright color and mid-quality grape used to produce dry wine. Usually used to produce cognac. Has fruity and smooth taste with high acidity and tannin. Not for aging.

Sauvignon Blanc: French origin grape. Planted on clay-sand areas with humid, rainy and softer conditions than terrestrial climates of Adapazarı, Geyve, Saroz Bay. This white wine grape has mid tight bunches and peels. Has elegant, aromatic, fruity taste.

Cinsault: Red wine grape has black color, middle sized eliptic shape, peel and fruity taste. Red wines produced from Cinsault have bright dark red colo, fruity, spicy and full-bodied structure.

Semillion: White Wine grape planted on 100m elevated fields in Tekirdağ and Şarköy under mild climate near Marmara shore. Has thick peel and juicy structure.

Gamay: Grapes for red wine. Bright red color, fruity, full-bodied structure.

Others: Indigenous varities are Yapıncak, Beylerce, Adakarası and foreign varities are Reisling, Clairette, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabarnet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir.




Cultures imported from france have suited in this region. Vineyards planted mostly in the cities of denizli, İzmir, Isparta, Manisa, Muğla, Burdur and Aydın.

Çalkarası: Çalkarası is light color, high acidity  and juicy red grape mostly used for Rose Wine production. Planted on sandy infirtile tablelands at an altitude of 1200mt in Denizli region. Has bright color and significant watermelon-strawberry aroma.

Sultaniye:This seedless white grape is planted in the regions of Manisa and Denizli. Mostly consumed as fruit. Planted on sandy soil in Manisa at an elevation of 200mt by high wired system. Produced elegant, low-bodied, fruity aromatic wines.

Bornova Misketi: This little pellet and aromatic grapes are planted on sandy-clay rich soil near İzmir. This juicy and thick peel grape is not fertile that much.

Cabarnet Sauvignon:This French origin grape is usually planted in Çeşme, Ovacık Village and Urla. The first plantation dates back to 1993-1994. Indigenous wild tillers and cultures imported from France were used first. The most of the vineyards in that region composed by terracing and filling rocky, sloped fields by clear soil. Soil where grape is planted shold be clay-rich, sandy and poor in pebble to viniculture better products.

Merlot:French originated grape planted mostly in Aegean Region. Like Cabarnet Sauvignon the first plantaion date back to 1993-1994. Indigenous wild tillers and cultures imported from France were used first. Most of the vineyards planted on sloped fields heading to south. Soil is clay-rich, limy and pebbly. Has fruity and spicy aroma and maturation period.

Carignan: Red grape originated from south France and Spain. Planted near İzmir on sandy and pebbly soil under mild weather conditions.

Alicante Bouchet: This red grape type suited best near İzmir under Aegean weather conditions. Alicante Bouchet’s fleshy part is as crimson as its peel. This is why tagged as “painter”. Has fruity and spicy aroma.

Chardonnay: This white grape imported from France in 1993-1994 like other French grapes and planted in Aegean Region. Wines are elegant, aromatic and fruity. Also known as world famous white grape and used for champagne production.

Shiraz: It’s claimed to be originated from Iran and planted mostly in Rhone-France and Avustralia. In Turkey, planted Elmalı-Antalya and Çeşme-İzmir.



Kavaklıdere has a factory in Akyurt near Ankara. At Agricultural Faculty of Ankara Universtiy, Porto and kalecik Karası wines are produced. There are many vineyards in cities of Nevşehir, Yozgat, Ürgüp, Çankırı, Sivas and Eskişehir. There are 23.000hectares of vineyards only in Nevşehir( This is my home town by the way). Since it's not rainy too much, Ürgüp, Göreme, Avanos and Gülşehir are more convenient for viniculture. Turasan, Kocabağ and turasan are the producers in Nevşehir. 

Kalecik Karası: Central Anatolia’s grape for the most qualified wines. This rarity piece used to be planted in Kalecik with a little harvest. It was succeeded not to extinct and revitalized. It has planted in Kırşehir and Kalecik and in other regions as well.